Offshore Rope Access – A Solution Providing Company

ORA has over a decade in onshore and offshore rope access experience. Through our experience, we are able to deliver to our clients time saving and cost effective solutions to their work at height requirements. Our ability to adapt to the most demanding situations has placed us as a highly desirable company within the onshore and offshore rope access industry.

Our teams of highly skilled and versatile technicians are able to complete the most demanding of projects with minimal downtime. We as a company, understand that every client has different requirements. It is for this reason that our clients continue to rely on our services time and again. Being able to respond to the specific needs of our clients is what makes our company the number one choice for working at height.

We maintain an exemplary standard of safety, with all our technicians having a solid Health And Safety culture.

We continue to develop and nurture relationships with our clients by our approach to commitment, safety and understanding.


About Offshore Rope Access