Nothing Worse Than Dirt

The biggest problem that our clients face when it comes to high level cleaning is the cost and interference with the job. Our methods we use are fast, low intrusive, cost effective and most importantly, Safe. Our technicians have been performing rope access operations on various projects and locations throughout the world for years. We pride ourselves in our experience and adaptability, as this is the cornerstone of the quality of service we deliver to our clients.

Types Of High Level Cleaning

We cover all aspects of high level cleaning that our clients require. The cleaning we offer is both internal and external. No matter where our clients require cleaning, our skilled technicians will be there to assist. We offer the following types of cleaning to our clients:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Dusting
  • De-vegging
  • Debris & Rubbish Removal

High Level Cleaning Rope Access

High Level Cleaning