By utilizing Rope Access techniques, we are able to undertake any kind of inspections in locations that would normally not be easily accessible.

With the latest in inspection procedures and reporting systems, our clients know exactly what is going on with their structures.

Our team of highly skilled Rope Access Technicians perform a range of structural inspections on any type of structure.

Inspection methods include, visual, photographic and video. Any findings are recorded and presented to our clients in a professional and industry recognized reporting format.

Ensuring Your Asset Is Safe

Through years of industry experience, our technicians are able to perform thorough inspections of various structures, including buildings, bridges, steel structures, distilleries, cladding, brickwork, welding and lagging.

We ensure that our team of inspectors will deliver top quality work that is in line with the expectations and requirements of our clients specific and individual needs.

Structural Inspections 1

Bridge Inspections